Are You Constantly Worried or Do You Experience Frequent Panic Attacks?


  • Do you wish that you could feel less stressed and apprehensive throughout the day?
  • Is anxiety negatively influencing your daily life and the lives of those around you?
  • Do you wish you could stop everything, even for a moment, and just breathe?
  • Do you feel like you have tried everything to manage your anxiety and, to no avail, have lost hope?

It can feel frustrating and isolating going through life with anxiety, like no one around you truly understands. It can be maddening when others around you tell you to “stop worrying” or question your fears around certain things. You may compare yourself to those around you who seem to have their life together, wondering if you will ever be able to gain control of your anxiety. Anxiety can influence your performance at work, at home or in the community and significantly impact important relationships in your life. One of the biggest struggles you may face is feeling as though you are in control of the anxiety rather than the anxiety controlling you.

Anxiety is an Integral Part of Life That Many People Struggle With

Anxiety serves an important function in the body, and is known to be linked with the “fight or flight” response that tells us we may be in danger. Without a small amount of anxiety, we may not be able to distinguish safe situations from dangerous ones. Anxiety manifests differently in every individual, and some have more than others. Many individuals who struggle with anxiety become consumed with worry or panic, making it difficult to focus on the present moment and enjoy life to the fullest. It is common to try and manage your stress by avoiding certain people, places and things. Over time, you may begin to feel like you are a prisoner to your anxiety.

Anxiety Treatment Can Get You Back on Track in Your Life

Everyone experiences anxiety at one point or another, and the Marriage and Family Therapists at Alkira have dealt with the issues you are experiencing. Our therapists are well trained in helping individuals like you work through their anxiety and find solutions. Whether this has been a struggle you have dealt with for years or something new that has resulted from a recent change in your life, working with an experienced, professional therapist can help you regain control of your anxiety.

In our anxiety treatment sessions, we will explore the history of your anxiety in order to gain an understanding of the underlying causes that trigger your anxious behavior. We will utilize a strength-based approach to highlight the times when you have taken control of your anxiety and the ways you did so. As we work together, we will construct a shared understanding of what you want your relationship with anxiety to look like. We will support you in reaching your goals by using those methods that have worked for you in the past as well as finding new strategies that can aide you in managing your anxiety.

While working with your therapist, you will be introduced to different methods to manage your anxiety. At times when you feel like you are experiencing a panic attack, you may be instructed to try deep breathing techniques to help calm your anxiety. Other times, when you feel your worry is taking over your thoughts, you may benefit from using different forms of self-talk to bring your thoughts back to a rational place. Your therapist will work with you on finding anxiety treatment methods that suit your individual needs.

You may feel as though you have tried everything already, but you continue to struggle with anxiety. It can be frustrating to feel like there may be no other options left. At Alkira, we believe that there is always hope and there is always a possibility for change. By engaging in anxiety treatment at Alkira, you are already taking the first step in gaining control of your anxiety

You may still have questions about anxiety treatment…

I understand that anxiety treatment may take several months. Wouldn’t that become expensive?

While it is common that treatment for anxiety can range from a few months to a few years, treating anxiety is different for each individual. If you are looking to manage and take control of your anxiety it would be beneficial to invest in your health and happiness by seeking anxiety treatment. At Alkira, we strive to offer affordable payment plans and options. Please contact the main office at (315) 492-1390 to inquire about these services.

If I seek anxiety treatment, would I need to also be on medication?

At Alkira, we work with the individual on understanding their relationship with anxiety, utilizing different strategies to help them cope with and move forward through their anxiety.  For some individuals, therapy alone may not be enough to manage symptoms.  For example, some individuals experience severe panic attacks that therapy alone may not be enough to handle. If this is the case, you and your therapist will discuss the implications for medication and you will be directed to seek a consultation with your primary care doctor to discuss options for medication.

I become anxious when I think about committing to therapy. How can you help me engage in anxiety treatment?

Deciding to come to therapy is a big decision that often causes people to become anxious. It is normal to feel worried or stressed out about committing to therapy, especially if it is your first time. Our therapists are aware that this may be difficult and we offer you a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss your concerns, fears and worries. Our therapists will work with you on calming those feelings of worry and concern and work on creating a space that is comfortable for you to express  yourself.

You Can Learn to Manage Your Anxiety

If you would like to schedule an appointment or discuss any questions you may have regarding anxiety treatment, we are available at (315) 492-1390 or We return all calls and emails within 24-hours on business days.