Is Sex Therapy Right for Me?


  • Do you have concerns about your sexual desire, pleasure or performance that are affecting you or your relationship?
  • Is the sexual connection with your partner not quite where it used to be, or would you be interested in “spicing” up your sex life?
  • Are sexual addictions or obsessions about sex ruling your life and interfering with your relationships?
  • Have you tried to alter your sex life by yourself and require additional support to make changes?

What Issues Can Be Discussed in Sex Therapy?

You may have additional concerns other than the issues mentioned above; many individuals or couples seek therapy to:

  • Improve interpersonal communication regarding sex
  • Confront inhibitions or anxieties about sexual activity
  • Learn about medical issues that impact sexual functioning
  • Discuss past trauma in order to heal and resolve issues
  • Increase desire for sex or identify issues interfering with becoming aroused
  • Change the patterns of a “sexless marriage”
  • Build a better connection between partners with differing degrees or types of sexual desire
  • Confront and change out of control or compulsive sexual behavior
  • Explore issues about cross dressing, gender variance or gender transition
  • Consider alternative sexual or relationship styles (open relationships, polygamy, etc.)

Many Individuals Benefit from Sex Therapy

In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 30 percent of men and 40 percent of women experience sexual problems. The most common problems reported by men are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire; while women commonly report problems with arousal, low sexual desire, inability to orgasm and painful intercourse. Sex and relationship therapy is for people experiencing sexual problems who want more fulfilling sex lives and relationships.

Nearly everyone, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation, experiences sexual problems at some point during their life and in their relationship. Unfortunately, these issues can significantly impact a couple’s relationship and negatively affect each partner’s sense of well-being. Individuals and couples experiencing sexual difficulties require a safe, professional, comfortable, supportive and nonjudgmental haven to learn how to improve their sex lives and their relationships. At Alkira Marriage and Family Therapy, we can address these issues as an individual or as a couple.

Sex Therapy Can Help You Restore Your Sex Life

Resolution of sexual issues can radically impact your self-esteem and improve your relationship in dramatic ways.  At Alkira Marriage and Family Therapy, our therapists have dealt with the issues that you are facing. We are trained with the knowledge that a healthy and mutually fulfilling sexual bond is a powerful and important component in a relationship. This bond enables individuals and couples to have enjoyment and satisfaction in their intimate relationships.  Our experienced therapists specialize in a form of counseling specifically designed to help women and men address their concerns about sexuality, sexual function and sexual expression.

In our sessions, we’ll address each individual’s needs, worries and wishes. When you work with a therapist who truly understands and balances your needs with that of your partner, it becomes easier to identify and work through the root causes behind your sex and relationship struggles. The sessions will also include exploration of when the perceived problem began, under what circumstances the problem manifested and what the factors are that contribute to the perseverance of the problem. We at Alkira believe in taking time to examine and highlight the strengths and positive attributes of the current situation in order to create a base for future growth.

You can expect your therapist to provide both basic education about pertinent sexual issues – such as anatomy, physical response and healthy sexual behavior – as well as more descriptive and individualized education regarding specific sexual techniques that addresses particular therapeutic issues. We understand that these issues can be sensitive and will require explicit conversations, and you can expect our therapists to be completely professional and respectful. We are also up-to-date on books and resources you can access outside of therapy.

You can understand, address and heal the specific issues you are facing with the professional, compassionate, relationship-trained therapists at Alkira. Your problems will no longer rule your life, and you can once again enjoy your own sexuality and that of your partner.

But You May Still Have Questions About Sex Therapy…

What’s The Best Advice for Someone Thinking About Starting Sex Therapy?

Your therapist should be someone with whom you feel very comfortable. You’ll be speaking about your most intimate experiences, so you want to feel accepted no matter how unusual you think your concerns may be. You’ll want to feel that your therapist really gets you. Whether your relationship and sex life is a traditional one, what some people call alternative (or kinky), or somewhere in-between, you’ll want to be sure to work with a person who is accepting of and knowledgeable about your lifestyle. We value respect and acceptance of others, which is what makes us distinct from many other therapists. You will feel comfortable quickly and will know that you are accepted. There’s no substitute for feeling safe enough to reveal yourself and your sexual desires.

What Happens in Sex Therapy?

You may hear several different stories about what happens in sex therapy. Sex therapy does not and will never involve any form of sexual or other inappropriate contact between therapist and client. Also, sex therapy does not and will never involve performing any sexual acts in front of a therapist. We rely solely on talk therapy.

I’ve Already Seen People for This Problem and it Didn’t Help

Sex therapy requires specialized training and experience. Many therapists will simply rely on themselves as individual therapists, but at Alkira we are specialists in couples counseling and sexual issues. We also have professionals in the community that we collaborate with to make sure you are getting the best, and most effective, care. Sexual issues are by their nature physical in addition to emotional, cognitive and relational; it is vital to have access to physicians, physical therapists, urologists and others in order for you to receive comprehensive care.

You Can Improve Your Sex Life and Your Relationship

If you would like to schedule an appointment or discuss any questions you may have regarding sex therapy, we are available at 315 492-1390 or We return all calls and emails within 24 business hours. We accept some insurance, self-pay, and can reduce our rates to be affordable for you. Call or email us today to begin your healing.