Do You Feel Isolated Or Unsafe In Your Relationship Or Community?


  • Are you or your partner struggling with questions or uncertainty about your sexuality or how it will be accepted by family, friends and/or coworkers?
  • Has the increased stress and emotional toll of questioning or hiding your sexual orientation led to depression or chronic anxiety in you or your partner?
  • Are feelings of frustration, anger or self-doubt over your situation contributing to conflict, distance or sexual problems in your relationships?
  • Do you wish you could let go of fear and feel comfortable with and sharing who you truly are?

Struggling with one or many of the issues that come up around sexuality, gender, orientation and preference can be a stressful, confusing and even deeply isolating experience. You may be trying to figure out your own sense of sexuality and which friends and family members – if any – you should or can tell. Or you might feel a need to stay partially closeted because of potential risks in your workplace or community. Teachers, for example, may face increased scrutiny, criticism and even accusations of misconduct or abuse if they openly identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. It is common in gay and lesbian couples for one partner to be less out than the other, but you may still feel like it is disrespectful toward yourself and your relationship. Alternately, you may experience doubt or trust issues in your relationship if you think your partner is spending too much time or emotional energy with friends or an ex.

Whether you are navigating coming out or you are currently in a same-sex relationship, you may be struggling to find support and connect with the LGBTQ community. It can be lonely when you don’t have someone that can relate to your experiences and challenges. Do you imagine how much happier and more confident you could be if you knew you would be loved and accepted for who you are?

Many LGBTQ Individuals Struggle With Personal And Relationship Challenges

While the LGBTQ community continues to take strides toward legal equality in the US, cultural equality has largely remained elusive. Countless individuals continue to feel discriminated against, isolated from and persecuted by their communities. These, as well as specific personal challenges, can create or increase conflict between you and your partner, family members, friends or colleagues. You may feel helpless to overcome difficult emotions and experience happiness and confidence in your personal life and relationships.

The truth is that you can’t always change the world around you, but you can learn to heal and grow as an individual and in your relationships. With LGBTQ counseling at Alkira Therapy in Syracuse and Rome, you can feel confident, accepted and loved in your personal life and relationships.

LGBTQ Counseling Can Help You Feel Confident And Supported

With a supportive therapist who is aware of the challenges that the LGBTQ community faces, counseling can be an effective way to address the uncertainty and/or isolation you are feeling. The empathic counselors at Alkira Therapy each have extensive professional and/or personal experience navigating an unaccepting world, and we respect, value and accept you for who you are.

We create a safe environment where you can feel supported as you explore your identity, relationships and other areas where you may be struggling. Rather than telling you what changes you need to make, we tailor our approach to build on your strengths and help you accept and appreciate who you are at this moment in your life. When you understand the problems you are facing, you can develop the skills and strengths you need to address specific issues and transform challenges into opportunities. With compassionate guidance and support, it is possible to expand your own story and community to include greater happiness, health and connection.

If you are going through challenges with your partner, we can help you both feel safe and comfortable as you work toward creating a healthier, happier relationship. You each bring a part of your personal stresses and hardships to your relationship, and you can both take actions to heal and strengthen the connection you share. To help you better understand conflict and how you can improve communication with your partner, we provide a variety of resources and exercises you can use at home, including date night and assigned talk time. When you are committed to resolving conflict with your partner, you can develop meaningful solutions to feel healthier and more satisfied in your relationship.

The therapists at Alkira Therapy have been committed to the LGBTQ community for over 25 years, and we are passionate about helping you feel valued and loved for who you are. With our experienced and compassionate guidance and support, you can feel happy and confident in relationships and the other important aspects of your life.

You may still have questions or concerns about LGBTQ counseling…

I’m afraid I’ll ask for help and still feel embarrassed and rejected.

At Alkira Therapy we accept you for all that you are from the very beginning. Every person you interact with at Alkira Therapy is safe and respectful.

I know there are people I can talk to, but how do I actually take that step?

Coming in to talk to and build a relationship with a therapist is one of the hardest steps you will take on your road to feeling valued and loved. You want to find a therapist who you feel comfortable with and who understands your situation. The therapists at Alkira have extensive training and experience with LGBTQ issues and we are committed to compassionate, accessible counseling. If you are interested in learning more about counseling at Alkira or to schedule an appointment, we are available at 315 492-1390 or

I’m worried other people will find out I’m seeking LGBTQ counseling before I’m ready for them to know.

At Alkira, we are committed to making sure your participation and story are completely confidential. Additionally, our office is located in a larger, occupied office building, providing you anonymity from even chance run-ins with friends, family members or colleagues.

You Can Feel Happy, Connected And Accepted

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or if you have any questions about LGBTQ counseling at Alkira Therapy, please call 315 492-1390 or email us at We return all calls and emails within 24 business hours