Does Continuous Fighting Trouble You In Your Relationship?


  • Are you and your partner constantly having the same argument?
  • Do you feel you can’t agree on anything?
  • Does it seem like your partner never understands you?
  • Do you wish to find forgiveness, but feel powerless in your current situation?
  • Are you desperate to reopen the lines of communication with your partner?


Endless fighting and bickering can make you feel as though you’re turning around in circles with no path of escape. A little fighting is normal in relationships – however, you may fear you’ve gone beyond “normal” and that your fighting has gotten out of control. Perhaps you’re afraid your arguments will become violent or your partner will storm out during a disagreement, never to return again. You might be feeling misunderstood by your partner, as through he or she doesn’t value your point of view or care about your emotional wellbeing. As a result of poor communication, intimacy might be lacking, leaving little room for romantic or sexual connection in your relationship.


At this point, you might be feeling powerless to stop the cycle of fighting in your relationship. Perhaps you often go to bed angry with your partner and wake up the next day feeling sad or resentful. Perhaps you’ve stopped trying to resolve conflict and often go entire days with out talking or texting each other. You might dread coming home after work because you know acrimony awaits you. After a major argument, days, weeks and even months might go by while resentment quietly seethes beneath the surface. All the while your relationship is perhaps growing less loving and more distant, further deteriorating any semblance of or hope for healthy communication. You may desperately wish to somehow make your partner see things from your perspective. Perhaps then you could achieve the peace and happiness you’re likely seeking.


Communication Issues Affect Most Relationships


If you’re looking for ways to better communicate in your relationship, you’re like many other couples who have hoped to find greater fulfillment with their partners.


A majority of partners feel communication is a problem in their relationship. As individuals, we all come with a unique set of values, beliefs and backgrounds. No two people are ever exactly alike. Given this, it’s not surprising that most couples do not always see eye to eye.


However, if you and your partner have reached a stalemate in your arguments and are unable to find resolution, communication in your relationship has likely broken down. Too many unresolved arguments can lead to chronic feelings of frustration and being misunderstood. Animosity builds as time goes by, further fueling negative ways of thinking, speaking and being, resulting in poor, unhealthy modes of communication. Thankfully, there are things you can do to stop the unhealthy patterns of communication that are keeping you from moving forward in your relationship.


Communication Counseling Can Help You Find Forgiveness


At Alkira, you’ll find therapists who are especially equipped to help two people resolve their differences. We’ve been trained at the highest level to mediate healthy communication between couples and families. As marriage and family therapists, we have more training than other types of counselors. We have specific tools designed to help facilitate healthy communication between you and your partner.


In sessions, you’ll be given the opportunity to more effectively communicate with your partner. You’ll learn to communicate in healthy, nonaggressive ways so that your disagreements can lead to problem solving and resolution rather than hurt feelings and stalemate. You can learn conflict resolution strategies to help you express yourself without acrimony and make conversations more productive and respectful. In turn, you can become a more compassionate listener and learn to value your partner’s emotions and point of view.


In our office you’ll find a nonjudgmental, supportive environment. Each partner will have the opportunity to discuss his or her concerns without belittlement or being talked over. Your emotions will always be validated, respected and understood. You’ll be sitting with a professional therapist who knows how to help you and your partner heal and find forgiveness. With the help of communication counseling, you can rewrite your story as a couple. You can begin to identify instances you demonstrated strength and resilience. You can apply solutions you effectively used in the past to mend today’s conflicts. As a couple you’ll be empowered to make positive changes that can lead you toward greater fulfillment and intimacy.


If you’ve been researching communication counseling, then you’re probably committed to saving your relationship. Although it might not seem so now, you already have the tools to make your relationship a success. From 20-plus years of experience, we know that healing is possible for even what feels like the most defunct relationships.


Perhaps communication counseling might be the right choice for you, but you still have some questions and concerns…


I am uncomfortable sharing intimate details of my relationship with a stranger.


Talking to a stranger about your relationship may seem uncomfortable at first, but in our experience clients often feel more relieved when they share their struggles with an impartial third party. While friends and family may provide you with comfort and can advocate for your point of view, they are often unequipped to mediate conflict. At Alkira, we do our best to make you feel comfortable and safe. We will provide you with an unbiased, secure environment in which you can use strategies proven to help resolve conflict. Our therapists are caring, compassionate and knowledgeable and will always have your best interest at heart.


Communication counseling is too expensive.

Counseling is an investment into the health and longevity of your relationship. If your insurance does not cover therapy, you can take advantage of our sliding scale. We do our best to accommodate a variety of budgets. Call us to see what accommodations we can make for you.


We are too busy to go to communication counseling.


We understand that most adults lead busy lives these days. That’s why we have evening and Saturday appointments available.


It’s Possible To Restore Communication In Your Relationship


With the help of communication counseling, you can find warmth, understanding and mutual respect in your relationship once again. Call 315 492-1390 or email us at We’d be happy to schedule an appointment or discuss any questions you have. We return calls and emails within 24 business hours.