We can recommend the following professionals for other services you may need.

They are individual practitioners offering specialties outside our scope. They are not employed or contracted with Alkira Marriage and Family Therapy, PC.

Paul Prescott, PhD


Paul PrescottPaul Prescott is a professional ethicist and professor who serves clients as a philosophical counselor. When not serving clients, he holds appointments as a Part-Time Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Syracuse University, and a Lecturer in the Department of Bioethics and Humanities at Upstate Medical University.

As a philosophical counselor, Paul serve those in need of a different kind of guidance than that provided by mental health professionals. Many problems in life are ethical, intellectual, professional, or even spiritual, rather than psychological. Paul provides a safe, supportive environment in which clients can explore issues of concern to them. He also supports the work of mental health professionals by addressing ethical and intellectual challenges which can interfere with therapeutic progress.