Imagine that you have a caring person to help you talk through your problems, listen and talk to your partner…your child…yourself. This person is compassionate. Knowledgeable. Fair. Specializes in relationships. And knows how to help you when you feel far away from everyone…

Welcome to Alkira Marriage and Family Therapy!

Many of us are plagued by anxiety and by the weight of old hurts and unresolved conflicts. We compare ourselves to others, we begin to feel self doubt and cynicism gnawing around the edges of our daily lives. The advances in technology meant to help us connect to one another in the whirlwind of our society often leave us ultimately more disconnected and distanced from the people in our lives, or craving the next message. Sometimes communication breaks down in our closest relationships, and partnerships stagnate–passion flags, our interest wavers. Grief and exhaustion creep in, and it can feel as if we no longer have any space for ourselves. Sometimes these feelings point to an acute cause, and other times we cannot pinpoint the source. Our ability to be present in the moment, our performance in our careers and chosen roles, our self esteem, and our relationships can suffer as a result.  We feel stuck- blocked off from our inner selves and others.

ALKIRA is an Australian Aboriginal word for endless sunny skies.  It was when Jill Weldum traveled to Australia as an exchange student in college that she first realized her lifelong passion was to empower others to find ways to unstick and unblock themselves, to help them grow through challenges—to free themselves up for more space, more open sky, and more enjoyment in their lives. Jill founded Alkira with the tenacious belief in the healing powers of warmth and hope, of empowerment through self knowledge, self exploration, and improved communication.

Jill has been working with couples, children, individuals and families for 25 years in a variety of settings, bringing her into contact with people from all walks of life who are living and coping with a wide array of issues. Her long-time associate, Efrain Agama, brings an additional 12 years of rich experience working with adults, couples, and teenagers from diverse backgrounds. Both Jill and Efrain are compassionate caring people who use scientifically proven methods for the care of their clients.

The therapists and staff of Alkira have professional and personal experiences in their lives that ensure the knowledge you need and the understanding you deserve.  Alkira offers a unique and powerful combination of highly experienced clinicians working alongside the newest generation of talented therapists. At Alkira, we are committed to helping you grow through whatever challenges you are facing. We know people change. We do not give up.

Together we will work as a team, pooling our considerable resources, to empower you to change your life while offering you scientifically-based approaches and unflagging hope. Contact us today to reclaim your opportunities for joy, harmony, and passion in your life and your relationships!

What You Can Expect

After a brief email exchange or phone conversation with our intake coordinator, your concerns and needs will be shared with Jill, and you will be scheduled with the right therapist for you. When you arrive for your first appointment, you will complete brief paperwork and then meet with your therapist for 60 minutes. Our first session is a time for us to get to know each other, identify your concerns and goals, and explore various areas of you, your relationship, and/or your child’s life. At the completion of the assessment you will be rescheduled to begin treatment. Play/child sessions are typically 30 minutes, and traditional sessions with couples, adolescents and adults are typically 50 minutes.

Getting Married?

Meet with a relationship therapist in our East Syracuse office for 4 pre-marital classes to understand good communication, managing tough topics like sex, money, kids and family, and learn more about yourself and each other. Previous attendees have said “I can’t believe how much I learned about myself and my fiance” and “We improved our communication so much!”
Daytime and evenings available. The two of you will meet privately with your pre-marital therapist, complete a thorough on-line assessment tool and prepare for your future! Fee is $180.00 for the 4 class series. Call or email to sign up today!